Homeowners in Maryland that want to sell their house and get paid quickly will benefit greatly from Simple House Offers. With their quick process of selling a property, they’re able to close in under a month and homeowners get paid in cash.

Selling a property is not an easy task to accomplish. It takes a lot of preparation, getting in touch with professionals, a lot of waiting. After everything has been said and done, a good chunk of the year is gone. But this is the old process. There’s a new way of selling a house and selling it quickly in under a month. Simple House Offers follows an easy step plan on selling a property quickly and with less hassle. Whatever the reason one might have at selling their property immediately, Simple House Offers can certainly assist in the sale.

They’re able to close a sale quickly because, one, they’re not actually a real estate agency that lists the property and wait for buyers to see it and make an offer which could take a long time. Simple House Offers buy the house themselves. They repair what needs repairing and resell it or keep it as a rental property. They also pay in cash so the transaction is simpler and straightforward. Both parties benefit from their process. Homeowners can dispose of the house quickly and get a cash payment. And the buyer, Simple House Offers, can immediately proceed to repair the property so they can turn a profit off of it.

In selling a property, they follow simple and time-tested steps. One, sellers get in contact with them and tell them about the property. Once it meets all the necessary criteria, they will give the homeowner a call to set up an appointment to visit the house. Next, they make a written offer to the homeowner and set up a closing date at a reputable Title firm. There won’t be any need for lengthy negotiations and contract signing. They eliminate the waiting period of closing a sale which could take months. Simple House Offers’ process is designed to be efficient and streamlined.

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Company Name: Simple House Offers
Contact Person: Jonathan Binder
Email: Send Email
Phone: 410-497-8107
Address:3 Maple Ave
City: Pasadena
State: Maryland 21122
Country: United States
Website: http://www.simplehouseoffers.com/


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