Each year in the U.S., thousands of people are suddenly burdened with a home that was left to them after a death in the family. This can be a stressful event for the heir. That’s why one man made it his life’s work to help people in the greater Washington D.C. area get the very best outcome.

Each year in the U.S., thousands of people are suddenly burdened with a home that was left to them after a death in the family. This can be a stressful event for the heir.

That’s why one man made it his life’s work to help people in the greater Washington D.C. area get the very best outcome. 


While suddenly inheriting a home may sound like a fortunate event, this situation often comes with its share of unique headaches and challenges.

These “probate” homes are often in disrepair, behind on taxes, and need extensive renovations just to reach normal market value.

Often the home owner still lived in the home, but did not have sufficient funds to pay for the ownership costs on the property, placing an unwelcome burden on both the estate and its heirs when they pass away.

And most people who inherit these homes after the owner dies, simply do not have the money, on average 25% of the home’s value, to make the needed repairs.

Even if they do have money for extensive repairs, they still need to either take the time to hire several reputable contractors to make them, or take on the large job themselves.

When new property heirs are faced with these complex decisions and challenges in the probate process, Igor Mosyak comes in and helps to save the day.

For over 16 years, all across the greater Washington D.C., Igor and his wife have been helping people quickly sell their probate homes, and walk away with a substantial and hassle-free cash payout.

He specializes in buying, renovating and reselling distressed probate houses. And no matter what the particular situation, he is prepared to do what is best for the new property owner.

He says, “I buy real estate from people who have inherited properties from loved ones and are either overwhelmed with the amount of work needed to handle the estate, or are unsure of all the necessary steps involved in selling an inherited property.”

Igor is not a realtor (but his wife is). And he is not looking to sell a home on behalf of the new owner.

No, he actually pays cash for the homes himself in a fast and simple process that alleviates the problem quickly for the new home owner.

“Inheriting a probate home is not like winning the lottery. People are often overwhelmed with what to do with a home that is now their responsibility, that is usually in disrepair, and maybe burdened with overdue tax payments.”

“We come over, look around and make an offer. This puts cash in the hands of the new owner, and gets it off their hands in a hurry, so they don’t have to worry about it,” says Mr. Mosyak.

He adds, “Of course we can not pay full market value for a home that needs a lot of work and repairs. But our offers are always fair.”

“Someone is going to have to invest more money into the home, usually tens of thousands of dollars, to make it attractive to another buyer. But our quick and easy process helps them get the cash equity out and walk away. It becomes our responsibility as soon as they close.”


Because Igor buys so many homes this way, there are many advantages to working with him.

For example, they do not need financing. They are ready to buy and close very quickly. And the owner gets paid immediately, and in full.

Also, they do all the paperwork. They have been through this process so many times, they have a streamlined system in place, and are ready to go. They hold they seller’s hand through every step of the process.

They can also close fast. Their aim is to close within 7-10 days. Sometimes issues come up that extend that, but they are eager to close and get the money to the seller.

Something else Igor offers that many don’t expect is compassion. He says, “I know this can be a very emotional and sensitive time for many people, and I understand they’re facing some serious decisions that I can help with.”

Sellers don’t need to worry about making any repairs or improvements, and there is no need to remove any items except for those that are important to them. Igor will handle everything.


This will save the estate time and extra fees. Another fee they can save is the 6% commission that will be charged by a real estate agent.

The probate sellers pay no fees or the normal 6% real estate commission when they sell an unlisted property to him.

Many people also don’t understand that they don’t have to wait until the probate is completed to sell the property.

As the Personal Representative of the estate, the courts give the heir the authority to act in behalf of the estate, cash out the asset and proceed to final payout.

Igor has also found that people want to sell their property quickly because they’re nervous about the changing real estate market, or are strained by the amount of repairs and costs needed to fix upand sell a property in today’s challenging market.

Igor is always willing to meet or talk with any potential seller about their real estate property.

He gives them a quick, fair, written offer and provides alternatives to challenging issues they’re facing during the probate process. He also has a team of professionals who are ready to help.

Igor will work through all the matters of the estate for these Personal Representatives and will answer any questions about selling the estate property.

Igor knows the timing has to be right to make these critically important decisions. That’s why he invites anyone who needs help selling an estate property to call him and get any help they need with no urgency.

Callers are never under any obligation and risk nothing by seeing how he can help.

Igor can provide the funds and resources needed to settle the estate quickly. Many individuals from whom he buys estates are very appreciative of this straightforward and no hassle approach.

He welcomes the opportunity to talk with sellers to explain in depth what he can offer for the real estate property that is currently within the estate.

Readers are invited to contact Igor anytime at 301-485-5895 with questions about their probate property. Or they can go to: www.CashForHouseToday.com 


Some of Igor’s clients’ comments on how he helped them…

“I was very happy with my experience and service Igor and Inessa Mosyak provided for me. They both were very professional, helpful, and kept me informed on the progress of the sale of the house. They made it quick and easy with nostress. I would recommend Inessa and Igor Mosyak to people who need to sell their home fast. They even helped memove at no charge to my new place. It was a pleasure working with them.”
— Lowan Andrew S. Baltimore, MD.

“I was in a horrible place over a year ago when I came across the services of Igor Mosyak. During my time of need, they were very knowledgeable about the process, my specific situation and took the time to explain the entire process to me. From the time we met to when I completed sale of my house with them, Igor was there and willing to answer any questions that came up during this time. I feel very grateful that I got to work with them and it has made my life a bit easier throughout the process. I strongly recommend them to others.”
— Jamal I. Silver Spring, MD.

“It has been nice working with Igor and Inessa. They are nice and friendly. We are happy that they were able to help us sell our house. Additionally, they were always there to answer any questions or concerns we had.”
— Ngek & Vorn C. Gaithersburg, MD.

From Bad to Great: One woman’s probate success story…

When Wendy Runyon’s disabled mother unexpectedly lost her husband and caregiver, and was unable to manage the upkeep and financial requirements of their home, she knew she was in trouble.

She found herself assuming the responsibility of overseeing her mother’s financial and medical matters. And within weeks, she realized that her parents were also in deep debt, and about to lose their home.

With her mom no longer able to maintain the home physically or financially, Wendy searched online for a “buy my home” option.She encountered so many “scammers” that she considered just letting it go to foreclosure.

Then she came across Igor Mosyak’s website and sent an inquiry to him. That’s when Igor reached out to her. She explained her situation, gave him the numbers, and he agreed to meet her at the property for a walk through.

Wendy soon discovered Igor is not a typical real estate investor. He was sensitive to her mother’s emotional state — having lost her husband and now losing her home, and knew she was having a hard time. So he made several accommodations that most people would not have even considered.

Wendy agreed with Igor’s assessment that the much-needed maintenance/renovation/upgrades would run close to $80,000. He also let her know that even though there was a first and second mortgage, he was still interested in the property.

He was very clear about how the process worked and how long it might take, but promised that he would make the investment, protecting Wendy’s mom from foreclosure and ruining her credit rating.

Despite the ups and downs of probate, it only took three months to close. And Wendy never had to put a sale sign in the front yard. Everything on her end was done remotely and her mom even received a small payment (something she hadn’t originally thought possible) that helped with some of her medical needs.

Wendy says, “Igor fulfilled everything he promised to do from the first time I met with him at the property. He was trustworthy throughout the entire transaction.”

She reports that Igor remained available, responsive and sensitive to the emotions that came with her mother losing both her husband and her home so quickly. Igor’s handling of the situation, made her confident that she made the right decision. Her biggest concern was for her mother’s neighbors of over 20 years, that her home might become an eyesore, sitting vacant for months or years. Both Wendy and her mother were excited about the renovation and the increase in the surrounding home values — a nice parting gift to her lifelong friends.

Wendy continues, “I would recommend Igor to other people that are trying to sell their houses as fast as possible. Especially if they’re facing foreclosure and have a property they need to walk away from without further damaging their credit.”

“I was also very excited to see the transformation of my mother’s house of 20+ years that had gone into disrepair. Her neighbors nearby will now experience a bump in their property value when he’s finished with the upgrades inside and out.”
 — Wendy Runyon, daughter of Shirley Babcockwh

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