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“The holidays are a time to reflect on how grateful we are for family, friends, and health,” says Dr. Loren Clayman.


This year’s Run Santa Run 5K has taken on new significance with the generous sponsorship of Drs. Mark and Loren Clayman of Dr. Clayman’s Plastic Surgery Center and Miracle Spa. For every registration, Drs. Clayman will be donating to the National Blood Clot Alliance (NBCA). The NBCA is a nonprofit, voluntary health organization dedicated to advancing the prevention, early diagnosis, and successful treatment of life-threatening blood clots such as deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, and clot-provoked stroke. NBCA accomplishes its mission through programs that build public awareness, educate patients and healthcare professionals, and promote supportive public and private sector policy.

The NBCA’s cause is near and dear to the Clayman family’s heart. In 2015, Bobby Clayman, son and brother to Drs. Clayman, suffered a severe injury due to blood clots in his legs and lungs. Drs. Clayman have made it their mission to give back to the community through promoting blood clot education and prevention, leveraging their family business and the partnership of the NBCA to spread the word this holiday season.

“The holidays are a time to reflect on how grateful we are for family, friends, and health,” says Dr. Loren Clayman. “We want to celebrate that gratitude by supporting and sharing our family’s cause, and encouraging our community to enjoy a physical activity with their loved ones.” The one-mile fun run will start at 5:30 PM followed by the 5K at 6 PM. 1,200 runners and walkers will dress up in provided Santa suits and run around and through Klutho Park. The course will feature lots of holiday lights, inflatables, and Christmas music as runners pass through Candy Cane Lane, Snowman’s Paradise, the North Pole, Rudolph’ Run, and Winter Wonderland. The start of the run will be on Boulevard Street from Santa’s Launch Pad. Participants will also be able to stop at a Hershey’s Kiss and Candy Cane Station as they move along the course. At the finish, hot chocolate and cookies will be provided.

Drs. Clayman are both former All-American collegiate track athletes, and with Bobby Clayman’s ultra-marathons under his belt, a family 5K run is a perfect outlet for their sponsorship. Dr. Mark Clayman adds, “At our office, we’re always empowering our clients to establish healthy habits. This event is one more way we can practice what we preach while sharing an important message about a health concern that flies under the radar for many people.” Blood clots, particularly the large, deep-seated clots that cause a condition known as deep vein thrombosis (DVT), are a serious risk — if one of these clots breaks off and travels to the lungs, brain, or heart, it can result in injury, cause a stroke, or even be fatal. What’s more, the majority of blood clot and DVT cases go undiagnosed because the symptoms are very mild. There are many simple ways to reduce your risk of blood clots, but a lack of public knowledge means that clots continue to be a real health threat for thousands of Americans every year.

Spread holiday spirit and blood clot awareness this year by joining the Clayman family and the Jacksonville community for the Run Santa Run 5K on December 22nd at Henry J. Klutho Park. To learn more about blood clots and the NBCA, visit http://www.stoptheclot.org. Event details for the Run Santa Run 5K are available at http://www.1stplacesports.com along with registration information.

1st Place Sports, The Clayman family, and the NBCA thank you for your support and participation in this exciting new partnership and wish you all a very happy and healthy holiday season.

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