May 29, 2019 – The top five contextual triggers that leading African brands are using to capture the attention of the continent’s 500 million mobile users include soccer goals, competitor advertising, news events, weather patterns and soapie shockers.

This is according to South African digital advertising innovator Mobiclicks which recently began offering African brands the ability to target mobile users based on the occurrence of a certain event during their screen time.

Context detection mobile marketing takes the science of delivering the right content to the right customer at the right moment and applies it to the mobile user engaged in a certain activity.

“Thanks to technology developed by our global partner SilverPush, Mobiclicks can now synchronise traditional television and radio campaigns with social media and mobile advertising. This context detection mobile marketing is incredibly valuable in a crowded media marketplace where millions of dollars of marketing spend can go unnoticed by the mobile user,” says Mobiclicks founder Shaun Rosen.

“What cellular user can ignore ads pushed to their mobile device based on the occurrence of a certain preplanned trigger event like a goal being scored,” asks Rosen?

According to Hitesh Chawla, CEO of SilverPush: “We are excited to expand our reach across Africa and offer our technology to brands in this market with Mobiclicks. Our aim is to help more brands reach out to their multiscreen customers more effectively via our real-time platform; and this partnership will help bridge the customer journey of brand engagement between TV, search, social media, and mobile platforms.”

“Most people are ‘second screening’ when watching television. With TV viewers
constantly looking at their mobile phone, it’s difficult for this medium to compete. Fortunately, Mobiclicks and SilverPush together use the latest AI technology to sync TV ads with social campaigns for maximum engagement,” explains Mr Rosen.

He adds that Magnifi from Mobiclicks will identify when TV adverts actually run and within three seconds trigger a brand’s social media campaign. This is an African first.

When it comes to Mobiclicks’ moments-based product suite, the promise to African brands and their agencies is that they can literally own certain TV moments. Identifiable moments during TV shows or sports matches, for example, can be linked to clients’ social media campaigns. Sports moments could include the scoring of goals or the final whistle.

Mobiclicks is Africa’s leader in mobile advertising technology, with product suites consisting of platforms that empower clients to understand their customers and reach them effectively, providing businesses with accurate data and in-depth behavioural insights to serve digital content to audiences that are on the go.


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