CRETE, GREECE, November 06, 2017 — Mesochorio resides at the foothill of Asterousia Mountains (protected area of European Network Natoura 2000) and at the front, Messara valley with a view full of olive trees and vineyards. “We decided to combine the mountain with valley and to offer to our guests a sensational holiday mixture”, say Owners Manos Fantaoutsakis and Hara Klinaki.

“We develop the advantages and the uniqueness of our area and offer them organized to our visitors, always with respect to the environment and love to our fellow man”.

The guests of Asterionas Cretan House can live the beauty of Cretan nature through climbing, canyoning, hiking, mountain biking, exploring Asterousia Mountains. Furthermore, they can learn about Minoan Civilization vising archeological places of Knossos, Faistos, Gortyna as well as to participate in Cretan raki distillation and other interesting agricultural activities at Messara valley as olive and grapes harvesting.

Into the house, hostess's traditional loom inheritance from her mother, will be waiting for guiding you in the textile. Also, old objects of Cretan life will pass you through old times.

In order to be materialized this realistic transformation of the residence into an agrotouristic guesthouse, Fantaoutsakis Family announces to you with a great pleasure, the crowdfunding campaign of Asterionas Cretan House on Indiegogo platform, at 10/30/2017.

Now is a great chance for the lovers of agrotourism and sports to visit beautiful Crete, the biggest island of Greece. At the crowdfunding campaign of Asterionas Cretan House you will find well organized tourist packages even with -50% discount of their original price. Also you will have the chance to make your own holiday package that fits better to your needs, with the same discount, as well as many other surprises.

Fantaoutsakis family's members taking advantage of their studies in business administration and marketing and with respect of the environment and passion of hospitality, promise unforgettable holidays at Asterionas Cretan House in the island of Crete, Greece

For more information visit our campaign on Indiegogo here : or communicate with the owners below:

Contact information:
Email: [email protected]
Cell phone: 0306971544058

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