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January 2019 had already seen record setting sales and many massive company first, including an amazing incentive trip to the Bahamas. February kicked off with a company wide event that saw triple figures of attendees over last fall’s launch event. All things considered launching a new product sets the company up for remarkable success as consumers are offered an industry–best when it comes to proper hydration and electrolyte balance. Developed by leading formulators in the nutritional industry HYDR8 doesn’t just have a catchy name, it has an ingredient profile that is second to none.

Ingredients such as vitamin C to zinc, along with trace minerals and potassium elevate this new product to a very elite status when compared to other sports drinks/hydration products that seem riddled with artificial ingredients and artificial sweeteners. HYDR8 is sweetened naturally along with proprietary blend of electrolytes that offers everything you need to balance your hydration needs while creating a natural boost of endurance. “We were very methodical about what our next product would be and how we would formulate what would eventually become HYDR8. Everything about this product is intentional. From the daily value of vitamin C, to the proprietary blend of trace minerals,” stated founder Jeremy Fouts. “We knew the product needed to be something that complimented our existing simple product offering–simplicity will always be a key element that we embrace at CorVive. Given the need for a healthy hydration beverage in the market place and how well this formula fits in with our current three-step system, we knew we had something big. During taste tests, it was clear individuals could not get enough of this innovative product, and it’s so simple, just add water.”

The new product was speculated about during the month of January, but was only confirmed from stage at the recent CorVive Rush event in Dallas, Texas, February 9th. First orders are now shipping. Those attending the event were able to preorder HYDR8 and will receive the product on a first come first serve basis.

About CorVive™

CorVive has partnered with some of the most prestigious formulators in the market place to ensure well-formulated products that distinguish CorVive from other supplement companies.

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