Las Vegas, NV-AZ February 26, 2019 – iPGARD has officially announced its relocation from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, where its headquarters now boasts a magnificent property of 30,000 square feet. This major milestone was caused by the influx of orders iPGARD has been receiving due to the certification of their KVM Switches by NIAP, which is the most intense examination of secure products in the United States. iPGARD is a world leading company of cyber security production and their recent advancements will open up a larger pool of business expansion, increased accessibility, and higher quality manufacturing.

Las Vegas has become a major growing city in the U.S. that has an abundance of opportunities, causing young professionals to resettle for this prime reason. iPGARD’s move will allow these intelligent minds to serve as contemporary innovators and fabricate ultra-modern technology that will set the company apart from conventional styles of production. With its new enlarged space, iPGARD now has a massive manufacturing area, where every item will have its most selected attention to detail. Additionally, Las Vegas is the host of the annual CES electronic trade show,hosting 200,000 people from around the world and takes place for three days. The vendor booths include innovations in areas such as health, music, robotics, sports, 3D printing, security, etc. The conference includes 4,000 vendors and organizes 250 sessions by the 1000 speakers who are partaking in the show. iPGARD continuously is an annual attendee and vendor at this show. By being 15 minutes away from the convention center, iPGARD has the advantage of directly assisting its potential customers, who were enticed by iPGARD’s demonstrations at the trade show.

Another advantage of being situated in Las Vegas is the accessible prices the city has to offer.The real estate market is booming because it offers high square footage for sustainable prices. iPGARD will no longer be amassed in high property expenses; instead they will focus their finances on the research and technology necessary to develop extremely effective merchandise.


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