Your phone might be already a 4G capable, reaching the internet and the rest of the digital world in just a simple tap of your fingers and watching your favorite morning television news program has never been the same. Just as we start the mobile revolution in broadcasting, the technology never tells us what is its next move and often it always catches us in some unexpected ways.

Broadcasting has gone through a variety of transformations to keep up with the fast-paced innovation in technology where a lot of people wants real-time news updates because of the availability latest offering in technology that led to the irrevocable altering of our television news program viewing habits.

In the past few years, the media particularly the broadcast industry has also slowly kept up and changing the way it delivers news as we enter the start of a mobile revolution.

It adapts in a way that it wants to deliver news real-time where the on-demand model that we are used to will soon get compliments with the ‘on-the-go’ concept to create more interaction between the broadcasters and the audience to provide more sophisticated mobile solutions in the broadcast industry.

The variety of the mobile-connected devices will soon due to surpass the actual number of people on earth, while the broadcasters have a new responsibility as journalists in order to meet the viewers and audiences’ expectations in a more engaging, interactive way which is perfectly tailored for the new broadcast news program experience.

The innovation will certainly provide a very convenient way to get fresh news from places which lacks television sets and radios as mobile broadcast will certainly connect this gap, even in social media.

This is the good news that the KRDO TV Channel 13 wants to deliver to it’s loyal and avid viewers across the Colorado Springs and Pueblo.

KRDO TV Channel 13, a regular household name of Southern Colorado since 1953 will continue to provide unbiased news, the latest weather updates, the latest news in the stock market, the hottest sports news, and a lot more which is already available in the palm of your hands.


The news and information application are one of the most important innovation in the mobile media application aside from social media sites since this type of application is perfect for people who are always curious and wants to know everything. The news and information application like what the KRDO TV Channel 13 provides to its viewers will provide you everything it broadcasts in the television, and what makes it more remarkable is its ability to send you text alerts about breaking news through its video streaming services, live podcasts, or read fresh articles all stacked in a single application that can be downloaded in your mobile device.

The mobile version of the KRDO TV Channel 13 is just like watching in your own television set, but you can bring it anywhere, and anytime without sacrificing its popular news and opinions that features not just breaking news, but blogs and original contents as well because we all know that missing your favorite KRDO TV Channel 13 news program will not complete your day.


Included in the application’s feature is its ability to provide the best and the most accurate weeklong and hourly weather forecast updates using the technology of the Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates.


There are actually three ways to gain access to KRDO TV Channel 13, either using its main website which can be browsed in both a computer and a mobile device. For those who want to download the application for free in Google Play and in iTunes which gives you high-resolution images of the latest breaking news, regular television news programming with easy navigational features and other content sections that provides the hottest news every hour.


KRDO TV Channel 13, KTLO/KTLP, Telemundo, KRDO NewsRadio 105.5 FM, and the 1240 AM is located at the 339 S. 8th Street in Colorado Springs, CO 80905 with a telephone number of 719-632-1515 (mainline), 719-575-6285 (newsroom), and email at [email protected]

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