The voting plan for NBLC’s development intentions has successfully concluded. The voting results are as follows:

Tourism – 23%

Hotel Industry – 16%

Entertainment – 10%

E-sports – 8%

Exchange – 29%

E-commerce – 14%

According to the poll results, most active users hope to have more trading platforms available on NBLC in the future. Noble Lab & RMIT World Team is actively developing in this area, focusing on a number of world-renowned trading platforms. These include: Fire, Z, Luno, Ceo, HitBTC, YOE.IM, Ngoex, Btcbl, Btex, Kryptotc, etc.

According to informal statistics, there are about 50,000 active NBLC users worldwide, and nearly 60% of them are distributed in Asia. Therefore, the next primary promotion direction of NBLC will be mainly in the Asian region. The reason Noble Lab & RMIT World Team chose Asia as its premier promotion site is that, in addition to 60 percent of users in the major active regions, the purchasing power and market participation of the Asian market is also a significant factor.

The boom in the ICO program in 2017 is still evident. Users in Asia have also shown their market influence to the world through the ICO program. Since June 2017, the benefits of the Quantum Chain, Gongxinbao and other projects have realized dozens of times. The highest price on “listed” the first day of the quantum chain reached 66.66 yuan, an increase by a factor of 33; And when the public trust fund was raised, “less than 1Rmb” has now turned over 90 times. Small ant coins also rose from 0.5RMB to 40RMB. I believe that the number of millionaires created by these projects alone is no less than one hundred. The success of the ICO project has made the global financial market have a keen interest in the market potential of active users in Asia. Therefore, in order to let NBLC circulate in the market, Noble Lab & RMIT World Team will conduct a series of promotional activities in Asia. Our team believes that market participation by active users in Asia will create strong price support for NBLC, and the number of active users in the world will exceed 100,000 in 2019.


Although the market has experienced a downturn because some users have lost confidence in the market due to the impact of the market environment, the market price of NBLC still maintains a positive outlook. In the past few months, the encrypted digital currency has faced a shock due to the overall decline. The value of Bitcoin has been dropping, from $6800 to $6300, and fell by more than 14% in 24 hours. In addition to Bitcoin, the 9 currencies led by the Tai Fang also dropped by more than 10%. Market analysts and authorities put forward various views on this issue.

Ryan Rabaglia, a chief trader of the encryption company Octagon Strategy Limited, said: “The market is still in a low volume and has not yet shaken off the current downtrend, so the market is vulnerable to selling. Although the market reaction is unfavorable, I think this is a positive impact for the entire industry.”

Although most market analysts are optimistic about the market’s prospects, as long as there is a lot of negative news in the market, users in Asia tend to have group think which results in a herd effect, and a large number of users will blindly sell encrypted assets together.

Noble Lab & RMIT World Team will strengthen its marketing and hope that active users in Asia will be able to increase the knowledge of encrypted digital currency through activities and programs and have a clear understanding of the future direction of NBLC.

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