July 05, 2019 – Saudi Arabia recently witnesses a series of events in different industries, including the auto industry. These events included many vital announcements and reforms that Saudi now takes into consideration for its economic, social and cultural growth. Amidst the galore of events in Jeddah recently, the auto fans got a surprised as Toyota’s RAV4 2019 was unveiled.

The event was attended by Takayuki Kanno – Toyota General Manager of Strategic Planning Department – Middle East & Central Asia Division. Also, Eng. Hani Obaid, Marketing Director – SUV & MPV Products at Abdul Latif Jameel Motors – graced the occasion. There were many other senior officials from Abdul Latif Jameel Motors who were present during the inauguration of Toyota RAV4 2019.

One and all praised the SUV. Many spoke elaborately of its stylish exteriors. The Toyota RAV4 2019 was built with updated technology, which now promises improved performance, safety, and capability. Being the fifth generation, the RAV4 2019 has already become an SUV trendsetter in the auto industry. The SUV also offers more sport, more utility back, and fuel efficiency. The tyres and overall make of the Toyota RAV4 2019 is designed to provide you comfort on urban, suburban, and rocky terrains with equal ease. The sturdy exterior and the all-wheel-drive system gives this SUV more excellent capability and smooth driving experience. The car also sports excellent comfort touches on the interior, such as comfortable seating, good leg space, cushioned armrests, and comfortable steering wheel.

Another brilliant feature added to the Toyota RAV4 2019 is the hybrid electric conversion. The makers of this SUV has built it to suit the modern requirements of both man and the ecosystem. With this being a hybrid electric model, the users will get an added advantage when it comes to fuel and speed. The fuel consumption value is as low as 22.km/L, which enables you to contribute towards a sustainable future too. Toyota RAV4 2019 sports advance technologies when it comes to engine and mechanics. The cabin quietness is an added perk too.

Speaking of the exteriors, the Toyota RAV4 209 draws its inspiration from the polygonal motif and thus sports 7-inch and 18-inch alloy wheels. They are crafted and designed in a strong shape that enhances the modelling theme and imparts impeccable precision, throughout the vehicle.

The Toyota RAV4 2019 is now available in eight distinctive colours (exterior). You can customize the interior in colours – light grey, beige, and black.

For More Info Visit: https://www.toyota.com.sa/en/vehicles/suvs/2019/Rav4


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