March 23, 2019 – Since the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union has started, The Romanian Ministry of YOUTH and Sports:
1. PUBLISHED false national budget for the youth sector;

2. REFUSED to apply the mechanism of (structured) dialogue with young people and youth NGOs before deciding the priorities, the procedures and the beneficiaries of the public budget for the Youth sector;

3. HID the National Survey related to Youth’s status & expectations, being offended by the answers of the young people in Romania;
4. CUT OFF the dialogue and consultation with the National Working Group members (7 Romanian NGOs) with regard to the Youth policy that the Presidency is dealing with;

5. REFUSED to publish at least the basic information related to the Presidency on Youth Policies;

6. For the sake of exclusivity, ORGANISED the EU Youth Conference with very big delay and involving and keeping the information only to very few people (some from the public sector and 2-3 from one Romanian NGO). Until the very last minute, when some particular situation needed to be saved, some NGOs were called for help, with little things (design, website or volunteers, without any other details – even if needed);

7. REFUSED, in front of many NGOs, to allow the President of the National Institutionalised Young People Council to speak about and find solutions with this ministry, to the drama that youngsters in the Romanian orphanages live currently – 1/3 of them are daily SEDATED, without being ill and against their will (few days ago, also a 45 min investigation about this issue was released by a national television).

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