TOKYO–()–The Mongolian International Steppe Marathon – Bogd Khan Ultra Trail 50km 2018 took place in Mongolia on 19 August 2018. Showa Holdings Co., Ltd., a parent company of Wedge Holdings Co., Ltd. (JASDAQ:2388)(Headquarters: Chuo-ku. Tokyo, Representative Managing Director and CEO: Mr. Tatsuya Konoshita) was a main sponsor for the event. About 400 people entered Steppe Marathon 3-21km which has been continuing for last 23 years and over 60 people entered Bogd Khan Ultra Trail 50km which newly added from this year. The weather was clear and the participants enjoyed not only running but also pleasant view of glassland in Mongolia.

With our long term experiences and knowledges in entertainment field, we supported the operation and conducted promotional activities for the global sporting event. (*1) We conducted extensive collaborative promotions with “Bumbardai”, a No.1 popular character in Mongolia all over the Asia including Japan. (*2)

*1: Course direction of Ultra trail by Ms. Carole Fuchs, a professional athlete
Ms. Carole Fuchs was in charge of course direction of “Bogd Khan Ultra Trail 50km” which newly added from this year. (She summited Mt. Manaslu in 2017 and Mt. Everest in 2018. She is also a trail runner who has won competitions in various locations. We have supported her in such activities.) The participants at the event gave favorable reviews regarding the course because they actually enjoyed splendid nature views of Mongolia. She also formed the “Running fan community” to link with many athletes. We consider “Sports” as one of entertainment contents in both “real” and “virtual”. The event became a remarkable step for us.

*2: Collaborative promotions with “Bumbardai”
The illustrations of “Bumbardai” appeared in Event logos, Start gate, Finish gate, Course guide and Finisher medal. “Bumbardai” is a representative content of Mr. Nambaral Erdenebayar who has an exclusive management contractual relationship with us. The comic describes lasting nomadic culture and knowledges including love for nature and life with nature. “Bumbardai”, a main boy character of the comic was the most appropriate for an official mascot for the event.

Event logos are designed by Mr. Nambaral Erdenebayar who is a representative comic artist in Mongolia.

Many other prominent persons below worked cooperatively and boosted the event.

Prominent persons worked cooperatively for the event

Ms. Carole Fuchs
Alpinist and professional athlete. In charge of course direction of “Bogd Khan Ultra Trail 50km”

Mr. Takeshi Yoshino
A leading expert in barefoot running called “Barefoot Prince”. Produced “Bare foot award” in Steppe Marathon.

Ms. Yurika Nakamura
Japanese long-distance runner who finished 13th in the 2008 Beijing Olympics marathon. Attended Steppe Marathon 10km and shared the pleasure of running.

Mr. Kota Araki
The first prize winner of general public division at Echigo country trail 2018. Attended as a guest runner. The first prize winner of “Bogd Khan Ultra Trail 50km”

Mr. Nambaral Erdenebayar
Mongolian comic artist. Received the highest award with “Bumbardai” at 8th international Manga Award in 2015. In charge of logo design for this event.

Event overview
Name: The Mongolia Steppe International Marathon – Bogd Khan Ultra Trail 50km 2018
Date: 19 August 2018 (Sun)
Venue: Steppe near Ulan Bator and Mt. Bogudohann (Mongolia)

The event was published in “Ikon News,” a domestic media in Mongolia and became the hot topic on Facebook regarding CEO Mr. Konoshita picked up empty pet bottles on steppe while running.

The Mongolia Steppe International Marathon – Bogd Khan Ultra Trail brought significant meaning to Wedge Holdings Co. Ltd., which operates the Entertainment Contents business, as follows:

  1. To acquire the best Mongolian contents “Bumbardai” and develop further
  2. To expand and to Mix “Bumbardai” and “Trail run” in Asia and in Japan
  3. To connect with the community of running lovers as entertainment

All of the above are based on the five-year Acceleration Plan III announced by Wedge Holdings in June 2018. The following sections show the relevance to the Acceleration Plan III.

1. Entertainment Contents Producer (P8)
A high priority of the contents business is assigned to acquire their contents’ rights and to arrange, plan and develop them, by utilizing the connection with entertainment contents holders.

A character in “Bumbardai” created by Mr Erdenebayar, who is the best Mongolian comic artist and has entered into an exclusive contract with us, became a mascot character of the event. The figure was used at the starting and goal points, signs along the courses, and the medals for completing the course.

Bumbardai is a long story of a nomadic boy, which introduces Mother Nature of Mongolia and the culture of nature-loving Mongolians. He is the most suitable character for this trail running event in Mongolia. It became the real event experiencing both Bumbardai and trail running in the Mongolian steppe.

2. Development in Asia Strategy (P9)
The Entertainment Contents business aims to deliver the Asian contents to Japan, and Japanese contents to whole Asia. At this event, the number of participants reached to 400 (300 were Mongolians) from seven countries, which strengthened our ability to develop the business in Asia.

3. Entertainment Community Platform Strategy (P10)
The Contents business considers the Community-oriented-business development. So the connection with entertainment communities is important, and aims to establish communities and provide the entertainment contents to them. In accordance with the mission “Fill the time of the world with thrills and spills”, we consider not only manga, anime and games but also sports and athletes as a form of entertainment when they meet our mission.

Through this event, we could establish a good connection with runners and mountaineering communities. Through this event, we found everybody enjoyed the breathtaking scenery and felt wind, and we could make our real users excited.

We are planning further development of the Entertainment Contents business in Asia. The notable success of this event will strengthen our ability to achieve.

Our contents business will continue to plan and conduct events like “The Mongolia Steppe International Marathon – Bogd Khan Ultra Trail 50km” in following ways.

  • Respecting cultures and people in Asian countries
  • Providing excellent contents in excellent manners
  • Cooperating with creators and athletes in Asia
  • Expanding fans and boosts for entertainment contents all over Asia

Five-year Accel Plan III

Official website of The Mongolia Steppe International Marathon – Bogd Khan Ultra Trail

Official Facebook of The Mongolia Steppe International Marathon – Bogd Khan Ultra Trail
The event was published in “Ikon News,” a domestic media in Mongolia and became the hot topic on Facebook regarding CEO Mr. Konoshita picked up empty pet bottles on steppe while running.

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