A wooden office building will be coming up at the Riverfront Square in Newark, New Jersey. This will be a first of its kind wooden office space to be built of wood and not on steel, reinforced concrete or glass.

Once done, this wooden office tower will be the largest wooden tower in the United States with an area of 500,000 square feet. This building will become the centerpiece of the Riverfront Square.

The wooden tower is going to come up at an abandoned baseball stadium site. It will replace the Bears and the Eagles Riverfront Stadium and the Lincoln Motel. The building will be built in three steps-like sections. It will increase in size from six to eight and finally 11 stories. Lotus Equity Group of New York is developing this wooden building.

This building is going to be built on 4.8 million square foot area of Riverfront Square. It will house 2,000 residential spaces, office space, hotel, outdoor public space, parking and retail space. The foundation of the building will be made using concrete. But, its walls, columns, exterior panels, and floors are to be made using timber. The building will bring the nature to the workplace.


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