New World Record Bench Press Set by Unknown

New World Record Bench Press Set by Unknown

Unknown competitor bench pressed 11,432.5 pounds, see video


The World Record bench press held by Australian powerlifting champion Mike Carroll was broken today by an unknown competitor as shown in this video. Carroll, who set a world record by lifting 8,994 pounds on January 23rd, 2018, now has to give up his crown to an unknown man who beat Carroll’s record by 2,438.5 pounds.

Avi Silverberg, head of the World Bench Press Team and Canadian Powerlifting Union, was quoted as saying, “This strength program is certainly something you see at the professional level. The amount of strength the athletes are gaining in a short period of time has more than caught our attention.”

The record now stands at 11,432.5 pounds, lifted by a man rumored to be from the United States. Olympic powerlifting coaches from England, Germany, and the Ukraine are adopting his training method. Several universities in the United States and Canada are also reviewing the strength program and are considering making it a part of their recommended off-season training regimen for basketball, football, and baseball teams.

Practitioners are reporting gains in strength and endurance that is unmatched by other strength and conditioning programs. This program has the potential to revolutionize how athletes have been taught to train for decades. It challenges conventional wisdom and breaks many of the rules that strength and conditioning experts have sworn by in all areas of athletics, including crossfit, weightlifting, and powerlifting.

The founder, a former all-state and Division I recruit, has seen the greatest results from people of all shapes and sizes. The method gained notoriety when its founder broke records across squat, deadlift, and bench press categories.

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