Communications Software and telecom industry veteran field joins ACG Research to spearhead new practice

The telecoms industry is poised to undergo one of the largest transformations in its history as we virtualize the network and digitalize and automate the operations using modern software.”

— Mark Mortensen

GILBERT, ARIZONA, USA, August 20, 2018 / — Dr. Mark H Mortensen, a networking and telecom software industry veteran with over 40 years of experience specifying, marketing, and analyzing Communications Software, has joined ACG Research, an analyst and consulting firm. ACG Research provides market share and forecast analysis in the service provider space, business modeling and key performance indicators consulting services, service creation, strategic messaging and go-to-market strategies in all aspects of the networking industry.

Mark will expand ACG Research’s presence in the Communications Service Provider space to encompass software systems used in planning, operating, and monetizing business and network. He is an expert in digital transformation, digital user experience, software architectures (including the nascent cloud native, DevOps and software platform approaches), and the interaction of the software with the underlying physical and virtual network. As the former Management Systems Chief Scientist at Bell Labs, Product Strategy VP at Telcordia, CMO of several startup and turnaround telecom software companies and an analyst for nearly a decade, Mark brings a broad perspective to Communications Software consulting, business development, strategic marketing and product management.

Dr. Mortensen will contribute to a new multidisciplinary digital transformation research stream as well as being responsible for ACG’s Communications Software Practice, providing detailed market analysis and consulting services for software vendors and service providers to address business case and technology evaluation requirements for current and next generation software support and infrastructure. This service includes traditional and cloud-based business support systems (BSS), operations support systems (OSS), and embedded network services software. A revolution of these systems is underway as vendors and service providers digitalize their operations to provide a modern digital experience to consumers and enterprises, implement new digital services, build a new centralized (but eventually distributed) virtualized autonomous network, and implement new business and operational platforms. The basic architecture of these software systems is also undergoing a revolution, moving to cloud native architecture, development processes, and delivery methods.

Mark has a technical background from 20 years at Bell Labs planning and product managing software systems as well as marketing experience as CMO of several software companies. He is expert at product strategy, competitive positioning, and market messaging. He applies these capabilities to messaging and competitive positioning, communications, technology and market strategy via workshops, presentations, white papers and articles across a wide array of topics.

Mark’s current focus is on software to support CSPs’ digital transformation to DSPs, including digital experience and new digital services using virtualized next-generation networks. He is currently researching the transition of BSSs and OSSs to cloud native architectures and software platforms and using artificial intelligence systems to provide extreme automation in the network and business. “The telecoms industry is poised to undergo one of the largest transformations in its history as we virtualize the network and digitalize and automate the operations using modern software,” says Mark Mortensen. “CSPs are looking for guidance from vendors and analysts on where to focus their digitalization efforts to gain maximum near-term and long-term benefits.”

“We are very excited to have Mark at ACG. He brings a wealth of experience and expertise in communications software and digital transformation,” says Dr. Ray Mota. “Software is eating the world. Having someone with Mark’s background will help align us with this new future and provide assets in this space.”
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