First of all, POAI has strong anti-attack capability and fast recovery capability to achieve high security.

For the POAI consensus mechanism, on one hand, it inherits the powerful anti-attack capability of POW. It requires a 51% computational attack to completely destroy AICHAIN’s public chain. With the development of AICHAIN’s node network, the difficulty and cost will become higher and higher. On the other hand, it has a fast recovery capability. After all the super nodes are eliminated, AI will select the node with the highest weight ranking from the other nodes as the new super node. This process is done automatically and it doesn’t take any manual operation.

Second, POAI maintains a high degree of decentralization while achieving high performance.

AICHAIN has achieved 1000-2000 TPS performance after upgrading to the POAI consensus mechanism, and is in the top tier among the public chain.

POAI does not compromise on decentralization while achieving high performance. First, the POAI partially retains the POW, so that all nodes have the opportunity to participate in mining, which itself has already indicated that it is still highly decentralized; secondly, its super nodes are selected by the AI algorithm according to the node contribution weight ranking and any node has a chance to become a super node, therefore, the presence of a super node does not significantly diminish its degree of decentralization.

Third, POAI is able to automatically adjust the super node distribution based on changes in transaction distribution to maintain optimal performance at all times.

If the proportion of transactions in the United States increases today and the proportion of transactions in China decreases, taking network delay into consideration, the number of transactions in the blocks in the United States today will be relatively large, and the number of transactions in the blocks in China will be relatively small. This will result in an increase in the weight of the nodes in the United States, and an increase in the weight ranking, while the nodes in China will have lower weights which will result in a drop in the weight ranking, and vice versa.

Therefore, under the POAI consensus mechanism, the distribution of super nodes is automatically adjusted as the distribution of transactions changes, thus automatically achieving the highest efficiency.

Lastly, the POAI screening mechanism can stimulate the healthy competition of all nodes and promote the continuing efficiency of AICHAIN. 

The POAI selecting super node looks at the contribution weight of each node, so each node will compete to improve the performance and operational stability of the device to improve the performance and contribution weight. In the long run, this healthy competition will continue to improve the overall level of the AICHAIN node, thus continuously improving the performance of AICHAIN, making AICHAIN stand out in the fierce public chain competition. 

The POAI consensus mechanism maintains high performance, high security, and high degree of decentralization. AI technology perfectly solves the dilemma that the performance and security of the public chain are difficult to achieve at the same time, and realizes the optimal balance of performance and security.

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