HLQ Induction produces various kinds of products such as low-price 1800 °C IGBT induction aluminum melting furnace, induction brass melting furnace,metals melting furnace and induction post weld heat treatment machine,preheat welding machine,induction pipeline coating machine, PWHT Stress Relieving machine.

HLQ Induction Equipment Co., Ltd., a China-based induction aluminum melting furnace manufacturer, has perfected a new way to melt metals – such as aluminum, brass and copper – and do it in a way that offers many advantages over traditional open-flame methods.


By using the cutting-edge technology called induction heating, HLQ Induction Equipment can streamline the process greatly by applying the most advanced electric components and techniques. An aluminum melting furnace with induction heats the metal by electromagnetic induction. It generates eddy currents (also known as Foucault currents) within the metal, which produces resistance that leads to high-temperature heating.

An induction brass melting furnace or copper melting furnace utilizes a form of non-contact heating by which alternating current flows in the induced coil, setting up a varying electromagnetic field. The heat is produced as the eddy current flows against the resistivity of the material. Metals can be heated quickly and partially. Induction heating can also penetrate non-metals to heat metals until the metals fuse – without contacting with metals directly.

The technology can also be applied to induction post-weld heat treatment machines, induction pipeline coating machines and pipeline PWHT stress relieving equipment.

The major advantages of induction heating are:

· Process speed

· Consistent heating

· Cleaner and safer than using fossil fuels

· Saving energy

Process speed

With induction heating, product warping, distortion and reject rates are minimized. Parts can be isolated in an enclosed chamber with a vacuum, reducing atmospheric conditions to eliminate oxidation. Production rates can be maximized because heat is developed directly and instantly; a temperature of more than 2,000º F can be realized in less than one second).

Startup is virtually instantaneous with no warm-up or cool-down cycle required. The induction heating process can be completed on the manufacturing floor, next to the cold- or hot-forming machine, instead of sending batches of parts to a remote furnace area or a subcontractor. For example, a brazing or soldering process which previously required a time-consuming, off-line batch-heating approach can now be replaced with a continuous, one-piece flow manufacturing system.

Consistent heating

While open-flame, torch-heating and other methods can produce inconsistent temperatures, the modern solid state systems used with induction heating provide precise temperature controls and uniform heat. Once the system is properly calibrated and set up, there is no guesswork or variation; the heating pattern is remarkably consistent.

Clean heat

Since induction heating does not use fossil fuels, it is a clean, non-polluting process. With no open flame to endanger the operator or obscure the process, this type of heating is safe and efficient.

Saving energy

Induction heating is an extremely efficient process that converts up to 90 percent of the required energy into useful heat; batch furnaces are generally only 45 percent efficient. Since induction requires no warm-up or cool-down cycle, stand-by heat losses are greatly minimized.


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