June 21, 2019 – Asterisk Service, a unit of Ecosmob, world leaders in AI and VoIP, announced the availability of superior and custom WebRTC solutions aimed at enhancing communications and reducing costs for the corporate sector. “We aim to make WebRTC solutions the platform for communications in the corporate world, dissolving barriers of communications,” said the VP at the launch.

He went on to elaborate on Asterisk Service WebRTC solution for the corporate sector by saying its team specializes in WebRTC development and that will change communications. Phone-centric IPPBX dissolve as WebRTC inclusions bring audio and video communications across the enterprise, its apps and software. Expanding on this he said that WebRTC revolutionizes communication in the corporate sector. Asterisk Service team of WebRTC development experts can port this into existing websites as a starting point. Then, it can be ported to the company’s mobile apps and its software. What this means is that conversations can be started from anywhere and at any time and from within any of the company’s app or software. In another direction it could become the platform of unified communication, entirely replacing or strengthening IPPBX. WebRTC permits discussion threads, shared video chats and conferences and document sharing too unlike voice PBX. This feature can be used for communications between branches, for training, communication between teams and with customers, either new or existing, and the conversation has its context, recordable for analysis or review. The office does not have walls or restricting communication lines when WebRTC solutions are in place. Remote employees, in-office employees, executives on the go, production, vendors and customers become part of a WebRTC network that facilitates audio-video chats, screen sharing and document sharing.  The beauty of WebRTC, he said, is that it can be integrated horizontally and vertically or in silos as may be desired. “The cost benefit of switching over entirely to WebRTC are too numerous to be listed here but, in a word, the benefits are huge and we can explain in detail to interested people.”

Asterisk Service and its team of WebRTC development experts possess expertise in API integration to plug WebRTC into existing apps and also come up with unique and innovative segment-specific solutions, claimed the VP. “We can elaborate any number of diverse use case possibilities for industry, manufacturing, insurance, healthcare, services and others. The future is contextual communication, free of restrictions of standard or VoIP telephony and WebRTC is the platform of the future.”

In association with AI team of its parent company Ecosmob, Asterisk Service has ambitious plans to offer artificial intelligence integrated WebRTC solutions that can carry out a range of smart functions such as using voice to determine identity, invite a skilled person to join a chat, decide on switching on or off video according to bandwidth or location of person and so on.

Enterprises interested in exploring the possibility of WebRTC integration or complete solutions may get in touch with Asterisk Service by phone on 91 79 40054019, 1-303-997-3139 or chat live on https://www.asteriskservice.com/solutions/webrtc.

Source: https://www.prlog.org/12775686-asterisk-service-introduces-webrtc-solution-for-corporate-sector.html


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