DigDev, a multi-channel data marketing agency based out of Deerfield Beach, Florida, specializes in mobile, email and data marketing services for businesses across sectors. With a huge database of nearly 300 million contacts, there is a possibility for every business to achieve their target, every year. DigDev Direct combines mobile marketing with traditional methods of advertising to increase business revenue and brand awareness. Clients are able to reach more than 82MM mobile subscribers and target more than 300 various segments with effective mobile marketing and data marketing strategies.

“Mobile marketing is yet another amazing channel to reach out to your target audience at the click of a button. With extensive data marketing methodology that aims at creating a specific target audience for clients to address, small businesses can now carry out effective advertising on this platform. As a small business owner, you want to reach out to specific areas and a particular set of clients to promote your products and services. DigDev combines mobile marketing capabilities with social media advertising to boost your business reach tremendously.

“The segmentation of the market includes gender, age, ethnicity, wireless service providers, marital status, type of handset, tech-savvy users, children, and much more. With so many variables to permute and combine, you readily get to target the audience that you want. We run consistent direct mail campaigns on the applications they use and increase your brand awareness via permission-based mobile marketing.” Media Direct representative.

DigDev Direct has access to millions of contact lists that will help the client narrow down their target audience and address them with effective direct mail campaigns. It is always good to know the audience before addressing them. DigDev Direct generates profile matches and lookalike audience, with similar preferences, to showcase the same brand on different social media platforms. With a steady mix of social media, direct and mobile marketing, clients can now leverage their customer base and brand with DigDev Directs’ data services.

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About DigDev Direct

DigDev Direct utilizes a multi-channel marketing platform to cater to high-level services for customer acquisition and retention. Each channel comes with highly targeted strategies whether it be search engine optimization, pay per click, email marketing, mobile, data appending or more.

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