SAN FRANCISCO–()–On May 30th evening, Forbidden Forest held the press conference in the heart of the Silicon Valley to spruce up their branding effort. Forbidden Forest, an open-source community-driven blockchain project which has been designed to simplify daily privacy payments, will be introduced to the world through a press conference at Silicon Valley. The press conference, which is scheduled to be held at the Shenzhen Building in Santa Clara, will be spearheaded by Manjunath Vasistha, the director of data science and engineering of Tech in Motion, a Silicon Valley company which aims to help local tech pros meet, connect and collaborate.

Forbidden Forest comes integrated with highly private and completely open stable value-preserving cryptology currency. Recently, the New York-based company released a whitepaper, explaining the specifics of the community-driven blockchain project they have undertaken. According to the whitepaper published by Forbidden Forest, it’s a completely decentralized blockchain project which follows the MimbleWimble protocol in order to ensure efficient and anonymous transactions. Also, the blockchain project follows DAG architecture, along with in-built lighting network protocol.

One of the developers who was closely associated with the project from day one said, “The total amount of forest is fixed and adjusted only once a year, and the excavation is completed in about 60 years. The difficulty that the miners might face is then dynamically adjusted. It’s an egalitarian and computer-friendly algorithm which we have successfully created.” The developer also informed that the mining algorithm can be semi-annually bifurcated and upgraded for resistance ASIC mining.

“We offer Wallet-as-a-Service or WaaS in the form of a fully customizable and white-labeled wallet which is compatible with all the major cryptocurrencies. In addition to that, it is also possible for our clients to do KYC/AML, MFA and affiliations tracking using the configurable components. We aim to assist our clients in gaining the much-needed competitive edge by cost reduction and infrastructure augmentation with the help of latest blockchain technologies”, added the developer.

According to the developer, the Forbidden Forest system is divided into Network layer, Data layer, Consensus layer, Protocol layer, as well as Application layer.

About the Company

Forbidden Forest is a decentralized blockchain system for daily privacy payments.

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