October 11, 2018 – GVC Farm Supply announces the launch of its newest online platform. The beautifully designed website features accessible pages, a quick navigation feature for the products and a clean layout that is great for both PC and mobile browsing.

As one of the leading retailers of farm supplies in the country since 1978, GVC Farm Supply is committed to bringing the highest quality and satisfaction to all its customers with its newly designed website.

The website features three major product categories, all of which are indispensable for sustainable farm work: cleaners, digestants and weed killers.

Of particular interest are the high-quality digestants used for manure pits in farms to avoid the build-up of sludge and for effective odor control on the property.

GVC Farm Supply digestant compounds exceed national standards and guarantee farmers everywhere the highest bacterial count to ensure speedy success after application.

Bromacil Weed Killer is GVC Farm Supply’s answer to problematic weeds. Instead of just acting on the surface, Bromacil Weed Killer goes deep into the soil, neutralizing and killing the roots of weeds to prevent subsequent re-growth.

For more information about the business and the great products it carries, visit the GVC Farm Supply website or call them at 866-543-0986.

About GVC Farm Supply: GVC Farm Supply is a top-tier farm supply company in the United States and has helped farmers achieve more in their farming efforts since 1978. The company is committed in providing cleaners, digestants and Banish Weed Killer that exceed national standards and everyone’s expectations. GVC Farm Supply knows the United States was founded by farmers, and with the current taxation and other expenses piling up every year, the company wants to make it easier for farmers by offering new and improved products at the most competitive prices.

Company : GVC Farm Supply
Contact Name : Anthony Gervase
Contact No : (866)543-0986
Contact Email : anthony ( @ ) gvcfarmsupply dot com
Address : 29 Front Street, Rockaway, New York 11518
Website : https://www.gvcfarmsupply.com/


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