On the new-year arrival of 2019, Honor of Kings, the hottest mobile game in China, built a grand Frozen Kings World together with the Harbin Ice-Snow World, turning the virtual wonderland in Honor of Kings into reality.


1. The encounter of Kings and Ice-Snow World: The combination of dream and truth.

Honor of Kings is undoubtedly the hottest mobile game with the largest number of players and fans in China. It is known as a multiplayer online battle arena game (MOBA) where battles of PVP (Player versus player) vary and rank competition also works. Thus players are kept competitive and cooperative. Honor of Kings is largely popularized especially among the younger in China for its great soundtrack and frames, the easy and quick-learned player system, and the diverse game modes.

Acquiring the reputation of “National Game IP” (IP: Intellectual Property), Honor of Kings is now pursuing not just the achievements in game industry, but more the peripheral products derived from the game itself.

Last year Honor of Kings cooperated with the Harbin Ice-Snow World and built a new theme-park-area of Honor of Kings. It made Chinese traditional skill of ice sculpture a perfect carrier to bring fresh experience to the players, and also tried to deliver its corporate culture and value in this way.

This year, the Harbin Ice-Snow World covered an area of 600 thousand square metres, using ice in the amount of 110 thousand cubic metres and snow in the counterpart of 120 thousand cubic metres. The whole park took 20 days to establish, completed by 8000 ice-sculpture masters and 500 snow-sculpture artists. The accomplishment also includes above one hundred ice-snow formations and over 30 interactive entertainment facilities.

As one of the features of Ice-Snow World, the Frozen Kings World had also expanded to 43.2 thousand square metres using 65 thousand cubic metres snow. Meanwhile, under the effort of 400 snow-sculpture artists in 30 days, the number of sites for Ice-Snow sculptures had also increased.


The heroes in Honor of Kings mostly come from classical Chinese IP, recreated from Chinese historical legends.

In the Harbin Ice-Snow World, the Frozen Kings World has made a perfect copy of Kings Canyon in the game, and also tapped into popular elements as Han Yuan Palace, the Big Ice Slide, Hero Snow Portraits, Ice Sculpture of Gan Jiang and Mo Ye, the Dream Fantasy Snow Sculpture, etc.

Among all those sculptures, Nuwa is particularly eye-catching. She is the goddess in Chinese mythologies. It was said that she created humans according to her own appearance, and then formed the human society. That’s why she has another name “The Mother of Land”.

More surprisingly, the audience will meet two new heroes called Chang’e (a Chinese goddess in the moon) and Zhu Bajie (Pigsy, one of the chief characters in Pilgrimage to the West) and a first showed costume for the hero Gan Jiang and Mo Ye (a famous sword forging Master and his wife), who are all from the prototypes in Chinese ancient mythologies.


Those heroes from mythological stories will be presented in a unique way for the audience.

2. Frozen Kings·Legends Come: a song of ice and fire.

Frozen Kings World will also initiate a 3D projection program – “Frozen Kings· Legends Come”.


The 3D projection performance runs from the end of 2018 to 2019 January. It shows the audience traditional art of ice sculpture and demonstrates the striking special effects. This is the first try to bring t a 3D projection program of ice sculpture outdoors in such extreme weather in China. Despite the freezing weather, the enthusiastic fans continue to come from all over the country. Judging from the respond of the live audience, Honor of Kings definitely won in this move.

In the realistic copy of Han Yuan Palace, 3D projection will also present a stage for the countdown to New Year, making this event ritual and formal. In this carnival, Honor of Kings also prepared other surprises. The players who cannot get to the live scene can still get blessings in the game and win permanent costumes for heroes.

One visitor said in an interview: “I come with my families. There are so many ice and snow sculptures. We also saw the 3D show, and we saw it again and again. It was so amazing!”

3. A frozen trip in ‘Honor of Kings’: the best New Year’s gift to the players.

Besides, the Kings World also attached great importance to the visitors’ real experience. In this area, visitors will carry on an immersive tour. They can overlook the whole landscape of Canyon and enjoy the fantastic scenery of the crystal frozen world. During this tour, visitors can also experience special “easter eggs”, like customized guidebook and AR Camera. The first Frozen Kings Stores will open during this time, visitors can buy souvenirs in limited edition of Honor of Kings and Ice-Snow World.


A player from another city came for the Kings World for the second time. He said excitedly: “This area is now larger than last year. Seeing this canyon and heroes’ ice sculptures is like fulfilling my dream.”

It has been only two years for the Kings World to develop from an average comprehensive site to a multi-functional theme park with special tours, interactive facilities and peripheral store. Now it brings joyful entertainment to the global visitors and provides inspiration for Harbin Ice-Snow World in ways of cooperating with other game IPs.

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