Hu Jiaqi, (English name: Jiaqi Hu) is a famous anthropologist and writer. Since July 2007, he has published The Greatest Question, On Human Extinction, Save Humanity (Revised Edition), Saving Humanity and other Chinese and English books.

On the occasion of the publication of On Human Extinction written by the anthropologist Hu Jiaqi, he published the article The Continued Development of Science and Technology will soon Destroy Humanity in Hong Kong. The article said that “the fundamental threat to the overall survival of mankind comes from development of science and technology.”


Hu Jiaqi (Jiaqi Hu) mentioned in the article that it’s certain that the means of extinction would appear. “As long as science and technology do not stop the pace of development, it will certainly break through to higher levels. Higher levels of science and technology will undoubtedly be more powerful. This power can benefit or destroy human beings. This kind of destructive power will eventually destroy humanity one day that is, the means of extinction will inevitably appear. This is an uncomplicated logical inference, and the correctness of this inference can even withstand mathematical calculations, so it is a conclusion, not just a possibility.”


In addition, extinction means must be used. Hu Jiaqi said, “When science and technology develop to the point where extinction can be produced, the techniques and the means of extinction will continue to spread. There will always be a very few psychopaths in the world that have a hard hatred for society. They will do everything possible. Seeking the most devastating means, and not hesitating to use it, even he will also die. Because the human population is extremely large, even if there are fewer such people, the absolute number is also larger.”

Besides, the extermination force will inadvertently erupt. Hu Jiaqi said in the article, “In fact, the extermination force will erupt because of the deliberate use of psychopaths, and it will even if no one deliberately uses it.

The biggest characteristic of science and technology is that they are uncertain. Scientific and technological achievements which we often think are the best are actually the worst. Its uncertainty will also lead us to some unexpected results in scientific experiments. Some of these results are beneficial, but some are harmful. This will inevitably lead to the inadvertent use of scientific and technological achievements after the development of science and technology to the level of destroying human beings, and taking inadvertently scientific experiments may unexpectedly erupt the power of extinction, thus pushing mankind to the extinct abyss.”


Finally, the anthropologist Hu Jiaqi proposed in the article that self-extinction is only calculated on 100-year basis.

As Hu Jiaqi (Jiaqi Hu) said in this article, “After the earliest means of extinction appeared, as long as science and technology are still developing, other means of extinction will continue to emerge. As time goes by, extinction means must be produced by multiple disciplines. Thus, extermination forces will likely erupt in a variety of ways, for example, the deliberate use by psychopaths; the inadvertent use of technology products; accidents in scientific experiments. So, as long as such thing outbreaks once, humans will come to an end. Therefore, after a series of scientific arguments, I believe that if no measure is taken immediately, human extinction would occur within three or five hundred years (two or three hundred years), even within a hundred years (this research process is specifically described in Hu Jiaqi’s related books).”

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