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YUKON, OKLAHOMA, UNITED STATES, June 28, 2019 / — Thermography is an advanced technological solution, well-proven in clinical practice, that helps detect disease in ways that are less traumatic and more effective than some more elaborate and expensive approaches.

But Thermography remains widely unknown or misunderstood.

To help you understand and appreciate what Thermography is, and is not, and what it may be able to do for you and your loved ones, here is a discussion from Insight Thermography of some simple truths about Thermography that everyone should know:

How Does Thermography Work?

Thermography works by the simple, safe, and well-proven technology of thermal imaging. This makes it one of the simplest and most reliable methods of assessing risk and detecting health problems.

Modern Thermographic systems (also known as “infrared thermography”, or IRT) use super-sensitive, high-resolution digital cameras to detect both normal and abnormal infrared (heat) patterns in various parts of your body.

Is Thermography Detection Useful?

Because Thermography is such a useful tool for detecting a variety of diseases in their relatively early stages, regular Thermograms can significantly improve a patient’s chances of returning to full health. Experts believe, for example, that nearly 95% of breast cancers can be treated successful when detected in their earliest stages.

In addition, Thermography can help doctors evaluate sensory-nerve irritation, identify soft-tissue injuries, and even pinpoint sources of chronic or acute pain.

Because the technology is non-invasive and emits no harmful radiation, there is no chance that Thermography can cause more disease than it detects.

Who Needs Thermography?

Cancer diagnoses are far too common these days. Tens of thousands of women and men receive cancer diagnoses every year. Breast cancer is the most common of these diagnoses. If for any reason you are not receiving mammograms for early detection of cancer, then Thermography offers you a realistic alternative diagnostic approach.

However, patients at risk for – or already suffering from – other problems can also benefit from the early detection capabilities and pinpoint accuracy of modern Thermography.

Thermography Won’t Hurt You

Thermography involves a simple, 15-minute non-invasive procedure that requires no uncomfortable compression, no dangerous radiation, not even any physical contact with your body. Thermography, done right, can quickly and accurately compile a full-body image of your body’s heat signature so physicians can detect and further investigate any inflammation or other abnormality.

Not all such abnormalities indicate disease, of course, but if present these indications could be the first step toward confirmation and treatment of diseases that might otherwise go undetected.

Is One Thermogram Enough?

A single Thermographic test will indicate the health of your body at the moment. That alone can provide a great sense of relief to those who have reason to worry about possible health problems.

Even better, additional Thermograms can monitor and identify variations in your body’s temperature patterns over time, highlighting abnormal changes that could be indications of disease in its earliest stages, including fibrocystic conditions, infections, allergies, and cardiovascular problems.

Thermography provides an alternative diagnostic tool that can be useful and comforting during the intervals between other, more invasive, uncomfortable, or dangerous screening procedures that doctors may prescribe.

Why Thermography?

Because of the way Thermography works, these medical scans provide patients and their healthcare providers with a way to precisely identify abnormal cellular activity and possible abnormal growths, easier and sooner than many other medical tests.

Thermographic sensitivity allows these imaging systems to pinpoint subtle body changes without the heavy expense, extraordinary inconvenience, uncomfortable invasiveness, or dangerous exposure to radiation associated with many other medical imaging procedures.

Insight Thermography knows you have questions about Thermography, and welcomes your inquiries about issues that may concern you.

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