“Rumors” is the latest EDM track released by popular pop rock brand Justin 3 and it warns about the ruinous effects of rumors.

August 26, 2018 – Great news for EDM fans looking for something new this month. Popular Lithuania pop rock band Justin 3 has recently released its new EDM-fused track which is already bustling with many views on YouTube in less than a week. Titled “Rumors”, the new single strikes a chord with its touching message of how lives are getting destroyed by false spread of rumors.


“Rumors” is an endeavor by the band’s hit writing team including Hayley Timmons, Mario Kernn and Justinas Stanisloviatis. While Timmons has penned the lyrics, the track is sung and composed by Stanisloviatis and Kernn.

The new track initially seems like a song about a love affair. But as one goes deeper into the lyrics, s/he realizes how beautifully the track portrays the pathos of broken bonds perpetuated by rumors. “Rumors” brings up a very relevant topic in the contemporary “social” world where we are being mindlessly and helplessly governed by the whims and fancies of social networking sites. 


“We are excited to bring to you our latest EDM track ‘Rumors’ this month. It’s a moving powerful composition that brings to light the shattering effects of baseless rumors borne from irresponsible use of social media and technology. So many relationships have got ruined just because of misunderstanding provoked by false rumors. Worst, such nonsense events can even turn two people who were once so much into love, into complete strangers. It’s bad for humanity and with our new track we have made a humble effort to raise awareness about the dangers of believing in rumors”, stated Stanisloviatis while announcing the launch of their new single. 

However, while “Rumors” sings about the destroying impact of rumors, it also encourages us to not to pay heed to news and talks “flying through the air”. 

“We are hopeful our fans and EDM lovers and every sensible person out there will be able to resonate with ‘Rumors’. We are expecting our listeners will embrace and enjoy and new track the way they have encouraged us always.”

“people will judge they will talk 

but they don’t know nothing at all 

just trying to start a war 

but you’ve been here before”


A rising favorite in the international music scene, Justin 3 has all the potential to rule the charts in near future. What’s special about the band is that it experiments with modern technologies to create a retro rock & roll groove. From a small country like Lithuania to getting featured on BBC The Biggest Weekend playlists, the band speaks the story of an inspiring rise from the scratch. Added to being a popular name in the biggest Lithuania music festivals, Justin 3 is also one of the most frequent plays today on worldwide radio stations like Kiss FM, Heart FM, UK BBC radio One, BBC radio Two, Capital FM and so on.

To listen to the track, please visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccTNswTuSig.

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