August 04, 2018 – AUSTIN, TEXAS – Lakewiz is proud to announce the latest revamp to our PowerboatGuy app. Users can now take any saved trip, and share them with other PowerboatGuy owners. Additionally, this app also now allows you to play a movie created from a trip's attached photos, videos and notes. This movie can also be played to your Apple TV via Airplay.

Tom Davidson, President of Lakewiz explains, “With this latest version, PowerboatGuy now features the ability to share any recorded trip with another iPhone or iPad, provided the recipient also has PowerboatGuy installed on their device and has a Dropbox™ account. Additionally, PowerboatGuy can now construct a movie out of any trip's saved media notes. You can play this movie on your device, or alternatively, you can use Airplay to beam it to your Apple TV.”

* The Trip feature allows you to record waypoints on a map for location, date and time, speed and course.
* The Holeshot function captures & displays the measurements of the time elapsed, bow rise, acceleration and speed.
* You can attach media notes – photos, videos, voice notes and text notes – to any holeshot, trip or waypoint, giving you a complete history.
* New in Version 3.0: Any saved trip can now be shared with other PowerboatGuy users.
* Provided your trip has media notes attached, PowerboatGuy can compile these notes into a viewable movie.
* The Speed and Heading feature, unlike the notoriously inaccurate speedometers found on most boats, provides a GPS-based speedometer in large, easy-to-read in text.

PowerboatGuy is available for iPhone and iPad through the Apple App store. For more information, visit:
If you would like clarification or elaboration on anything related to this update, or if you would like to schedule an interview, please reach out to us at:
Tom Davidson, Founder,
Phone: 512-293-1017
Email: contact ( @ ) www dot


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