Legalized weed could be the boost beverage giants like Coke and Pepsi need as Americans ditch sugary sodas.

Laser Energetics, Inc. (OTCBB:LNGT)

DENVER, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, September 25, 2018 / —, a leading company focusing in stocks with massive potential, reports on Laser Energetics, Inc. (OTC: LNGT)

Laser Energetics, Inc.

Laser Energetics, Inc. changed its business model from being in the laser technology sector to now entering a multi-Billion-dollar Cannabis sector. The company recently updated their web site and has now relocated to Colorado which is consider the capital for cannabis. Colorado pot sales hit a record $1.5 billion in 2017, and its likely to continue its growth.

Pepsi Co Potential CBD Drink

The competitor of Pepsi Co Coca-Cola entered negotiations with a Canadian cannabis company over producing a new, cannabis-infused drink. As Coca-Cola is on its way to creating a cannabis-infused drink, we can expect Pepsi Co to follow. Laser Energetics, Inc. might be targeted by Pepsi Co for the simple fact that the company is now located in Colorado which is consider the capital for cannabis. Laser Energetics, Inc. should be able to provide Pepsi Co. the ingredients needed to produce its cbd drink.

Conclusion Laser Energetics, Inc. Share Structure
We contacted the transfer agent Interstate Transfer Co. to confirm the share structure and they provided the following email statement “As of this date the number of issued and outstanding shares of Laser Energetics, Inc. is 533,512,475 of which 230,905,906 is restricted”. The stock is clearly a low floater and won’t be at the current level of .0007 for long.

Laser Energetics, Inc. Contact Information:
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