Through 2018, Luna Energy Partners has reduced kW for clients equating to the planting of over 48,583 acres of trees.

LUNA Energy Partners is an LED design firm that provides energy efficient lighting solutions for the commercial and industrial sectors. The company has considerable understanding of the energy needs of the automotive industry, particularly car dealership lighting. LUNA Energy Partners has also experience in working with clients from diverse industry types.

LUNA Energy Partners goes beyond just designing and installing LED lighting and sees itself a comprehensive energy consulting firm that provides energy management, renewable power development, and regulatory support services to utilities, consumers, and power developers.

The company’s key strength is their experienced team of professional engineers, certified energy managers, technologists and greenhouse gas specialists – all capable of helping clients manage costs and increase energy efficiency.

In addition, what makes LUNA Energy Partners a leading company in the sector is their client focus. For all projects, the company puts the client at the center of everything it does. Making a detailed understanding of their energy objectives a top priority, they can develop customized products and solutions that satisfy those needs and enable clients to be both environmentally and financially successful. Through 2018, Luna Energy Partners has reduced kW for clients equating to the planting of over 48,583 acres of trees.

LUNA Energy Partners has considerable experience and knowledge of car dealership lighting ( Therefore, the company knows what it takes to help auto dealerships enhance curb appeal and entice customers through esthetic lighting. LUNA Energy Partners achieves through removing maintenance and general upkeep costs associated with the current lighting system. This includes a reduction in payroll costs associated with dealership maintenance personnel.

LUNA Energy Partners also recognizes the importance of lighting in enhancing overall customer perception of the car dealership. The company, therefore, provides sophisticated LED solutions that improve dealership appearance, builds consumer trust, enhances customer experience with better color rendition of the vehicles, and increase a dealership’s street visibility.  

An example of LUNA Energy Partners’ work with car dealerships is their project with Reed-Lallier Chevrolet of Fayetteville, NC, where the company installed cutting-edge CREE Edge LED technology, which helped the dealership realize over 55% in energy savings.

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