MedTech Image Of Leap Smartwatch Prescription Medication Tracking Devises

MedTech Leap Smartwatch – Wearable Prescription Medication Compliance Alert And Tracking Solution

MedTech Leap Smartwatch Prescription Medication Compliance Alert And Tracking Smartwatch

MedTech's Leap Smartwatch – Multi Prescription Medication Complaince And Inventory Tracking

MedTech Leap Smartwatch Prescription Medication Compliance Alert And Inventory Tracking Devise

MedTech's Leap Smartwatch – Prescription Medication Alert As Well As Caregiver Remote Access To Wearer's Compliance And Health Status

The Annals of Internal Medicine estimates that medication noncompliance causes nearly 125,000 deaths in the U.S annually.

It’s convenient for you, and also for your pharmacy. If you’re using the Cling®Leap properly, you shouldn’t ever forget to take or run out of your prescription medications”

— Janelle Lussier, Pharmacist – LifeSmart Health

CANADA, July 2, 2019 / — The New York Times reported that medication noncompliance is now an out-of-control and totally preventable epidemic that affects more people in the U.S. than any disease. The number one reason for missing a dose of medication is simply forgetting to take it. The number two reason is running out of medication.

MedTech Wearables has designed a comprehensive solution to the problem.

Ingenuity has transformed the standard fitness smartwatch into the new Cling®Leap – a convenient, affordable and easy to use health-altering device that helps wearers adhere to their prescribed medication regimens while avoiding the complications of missed doses.

The innovative new smartwatch and app solution was developed by MedTech Wearables Inc, in cooperation with HiCling Inc, a leading supplier of fitness and health technologies.

Until August 9, 2019, the devices are available at up to 50 per cent off the regular price through a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. MedTech is also looking for opportunities to pilot the system on a larger scale in partnership with pharmacists, assisted-living facilities and care homes.

“Imagine a smartwatch that alerts you when it’s time to take your medications, keeps track of your various medications inventory in real time and finally automatically alerts your pharmacy of choice to refill your prescription when your supply is running low,” says Ross Christie, MedTech’s President. “The Cling®Leap can provide all of these services, along with the most sought-after features of a high-quality fitness and health tracker at a very affordable price.”

MedTech developed the Cling®Leap by adding health data mining algorithms and advanced sensors to their proven, successful technology for tracking wireless activity and vital stats using cloud-based storage. The result is a simple-to-use solution to the challenges faced by patients and their caregivers when multiple medications are prescribed.

These challenges have been well-documented by research studies. It’s widely recognized that people with chronic illnesses live better and longer when they comply with their prescribed medication regimens. However, studies show that only about 50 per cent of North Americans who take medications are taking them when and how their physicians have directed.

The impact on health care is huge and likely to grow as the population ages. Researchers estimate that 10 per cent of hospital admissions and up to 23 per cent of nursing home admissions are due to medication non-compliance. The direct cost to the already strained U.S. health care system is estimated to be as high as $300 billion annually, according to a study published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in 2017.

A review in the Annals of Internal Medicine estimated that a lack of adherence causes nearly 125,000 deaths annually.

Researchers have found that the number one reason for missing a dose of medication is simply forgetting to take it. The number two reason is running out of medication. Both factors are addressed by MedTech’s Cling®Leap system.

Here’s how it works:

1) Once the free Cling® app is downloaded onto a mobile phone (iOS or Android) or a tablet (several iOS models), the
wearer inputs his or her medications and the schedule for taking them, as well as the number of doses on hand,
2) Whenever it’s time to take a medication, the Leap smartwatch vibrates and the screen displays that a medication
should be taken,
3) The wearer touches the Leap screen to confirm that they have taken the medication,
4) The Cling® app deducts that dose in real time from the wearer’s medication inventory,
5) When the wearer’s supply of a given medication runs low, the Cling® app automatically emails a prescription refill
request to the wearer’s pharmacy,
6) If the wearer is noncompliant for a period of 24 hours, the Cling® app can be set to automatically forward an alert
to a family member, caregiver or other designate. This allows for timely intervention by the third party.

“It’s convenient for you, and also for your pharmacy,” says LifeSmart Health Pharmacist Janelle Lussier. “If you’re using the Cling®Leap properly, you shouldn’t ever forget to take or run out of your prescription medications.”

With the wearer’s permission and without any additional expense, the Cling®Leap can also empower other third parties (family and healthcare providers) to become actively involved in keeping the wearer's medication compliance on track. These parties can download the free Cling® app onto their mobile device, enabling them to monitor the wearer's medication compliance and health stats.

In addition to its unique medication-tracking features, the Cling®Leap provides everything expected of a leading-edge fitness tracker. The system monitors steps, calories burned, heart rate, sleep patterns, and even blood pressure fluctuations. The Leap smartwatch is waterproof to 50 meteres, can control music or other audio sources on your mobile divise all with an exceptional battery life – up to 20 + days on a single charge when the built-in GPS is not engaged.

“While there are many other wearable trackers on the market, none can match the Cling®Leap’s unique combination of traditional features with medication compliance alerts and inventory control,” Christie says. “The value for dollar and increased health benefits are truly exceptional.”

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MedTech Leap Video Testimonial – From A Wearer's As Well As A Pharmacist's Perspective


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