MOBU has come up with a decentralized ICO platform which aims to help projects release regulatory-compliant security tokens. If successful, this will completely alter and disrupt the ICO market as we know it.

Through: their new platform, MOBU is aiming to disrupt and alter the securities token market. The securities market has seen a big boom as the market touched the multi-trillion dollar mark. However, many ICO projects have experienced insurmountable legal and regulatory hurdles that have caused many to fail outright, as proceeding to result in severe penalties including jail time for project founders.

Perhaps the biggest issue is that the vast majority of projects that have gone through an ICO consider their tokens ‘utility tokens’ rather than ‘security tokens’ as security tokens can only ever be sold to and held by registered and accredited investors, even in secondary markets. Most projects have aimed to build ‘utility’ into their token as they want their token available to the general public, plus the underlying nature of cryptocurrency is that it can be held by anyone and everyone, without permission from a government, which is incredibly difficult to actually enforce; perhaps until now. that is.

MOBU platform is launching with these challenges in mind in order to ensure blockchain-based securities tokens can be issued legally and remain regulatory-complaint, held only by pre-approved and accredited investors and institutions.  Real businesses that aspire to raise capital with the help of security tokens will likely find Mobu’s platform an extremely helpful solution.

MOBU creates an abstract contract form through which all the security tokens ICOs can be extended. This contract will also have a code which will be needed by the security token ICOs so as to conform to the MOBU ERC20 platform guidelines as well.

One of the key spokesmen for the company was quoted as saying, “With MOBU, we wanted to offer the right kind of UI which users can work on and make the launching of ICO remarkably easy. With this portal, even those who aren’t masters of technology will be able to participate in the blockchain and turn their creative ideas into reality.”

MOBU has further introduced a new radical method of escrow services which gives the options to the investors to exit the ICO once the crowd sale is over on a pro rata basis. The platform comes integrated with the necessary features and anyone looking to learn more is encouraged to more thoroughly assess MOBU’s platform.

The MOBU protocol is designed in a way that the compliant security tokens need to implement and adhere to all the set of commands which has been listed as a prerequisite in the platform. Further, the protocol has made a series of rules which is going to govern how the security tokens are issued and effort is made to ensure that the process is transparent as well.

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