Recently many crypto exchanges removal of a lot of digital currencies has been a top news among the industry. This makes people realize that projects without concrete technology are doomed to fail. Meanwhile, it provokes the discussion on the true value and meaning of blockchain. A wining project would need the capability of implementation instead of merely an attractive slogan. UDAP team has been insisting on the business to practice the true value and meaning of blockchain. A team of top IT experts from U.S. and Canada, UDAP has been upholding the new concept of blockchain while also being dedicated to developing new technologies.


Asset management wallet Harvest Wallet, the most important part of UDAP’s blockchain middleware layout was successfully developed and announced by Derrick Warren, President of UDAP foundation and former IBM Global VP during the BlockShow Americas 2018 hold in Las Vegas August 20th. Harvest Wallet will release its MVP (Minimum Viable Product) version and launch inter test in this month.


What are some of the key features of this new asset management wallet Harvest Wallet?

•Ÿ   Managing Asset Token

Harvest Wallet supports both ERC20 and ERC721 token standards. Rather than simply recording digital currencies, the enables the management of asset token on enterprise level. Warehouse receipt -corn shown in the picture demonstrates its attributes: quantity, unit weight, storage location, etc. Users can manage, transfer, pledge, trade, cash, and destroy assets through Harvest Wallet. Harvest Wallet allows managing the full life cycle of asset.

Ÿ•   Creating personal and enterprise valuable digital encrypted assets that are used as traffic entry to encrypted assets

Harvest Wallet allows users to create and manage personal or enterprise valuable digital encrypted assets directly from the wallet, allowing the management of users’ entire assets and their full life cycle.

Ÿ•   Various plug-in features of entrance

Harvest Wallet is built on a powerful and extensible plug-in structure that supports a large number of plug-in applications provided by 3rd party developers. Like WeChat Mini Program, different features can be enabled through API connections. This allows 3rd-party applications to browse, transfer, even trade within Harvest Wallet.

Ÿ•   More to come

Harvest Wallet provided by UDAP has taken a unique approach to expand the responsibilities of asset wallets and to transcend the current concept of focusing on digital currencies. It is indeed a killer application for blockchain.

Harvest Wallet empowers everyone to have a full control of owned assets.

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