September 14, 2018 – Hong Kong St., Singapore – Untitled Project is one of the leading VR Companies from Singapore. It builds experiences that let brands connect with customers like never before. The company has a rich history of using VR-enabled content to rethink the way brands tell their stories.

So, for staying at the top of its next-gen film-making game, the company chose passion every single day.

A single step towards greatness kick-started a passionate journey

Untitled Project has been active in the VR space much before it was formally established.

And this player has been passionate about what VR and brand marketing right from its start.

It is passionate about creating VR experiences that push the boundary of creativity. It is passionate about avant-garde film-making that takes user engagement to the next level. It’s passionate about bridging the gap between brands and customers or prospects.

The company’s creative director – Warren Mackenzie, says, “We’re doing some serious innovation when it comes to putting VR inside marketing. That’s how we’ve empowered a lot of brands to connect with its targeted audience and inspire it in unimaginable ways.” Adding further, the creative director says, “In a way, we’re actually giving brands some pretty unique opportunities to use this new technology in the best possible way.”

And the company’s passion is obvious since it is prototyping its own VR players and kits to develop and test branded content.

To date, the company has used this revolutionary technology for delivering result-driven 360 activations across the world. This way, Untitled Project has let brands create a lasting buzz around their products or services or TV shows.

All in all, through passion and innovation, the company has become the go-to agency for both big and small brands. This company is consistently providing the brands new avenues through which they can incorporate VR into their marketing efforts.

About Untitled Project

Untitled Project was established in 2014. Since then, it has always worked with regional clients as well as global brands to develop memorable VR content. Driven by true innovation, this company is constantly using the power of VR to create and deliver live brand experiences. With these experiences, brands find it easier and quicker to connect with its audiences. The company keeps on reinventing its solutions. And that is why it has delivered the most engaging VR content every time. Because of its innovative working style and passion to create the best digital solutions, the company has transformed groundbreaking ideas into immersive realities.


Untitled Project
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