Editing video is one of the coolest features of modern computers. It has birthed a new age of computer-generated imaging that have inspired some of the most intense cinematic scenes in history. Arguably, modern movies wouldn’t be what they are today without computer technology. The downside to videos and video editing is that the files take up a large amount of space on a hard drive. With 4K and even 6K picture becoming commonplace both in today’s theatres and on smartphones, video files are growing denser than ever. It seems as though film technology is always one step ahead of computer science, which can lead to some frustrating late nights. Thankfully, companies like Smart Tree are providing solutions to the ever-present storage problem so many companies face.

Some video projects require a team of collaborators to finish a high-quality piece. This may necessitate an upgrade in a company’s networking structure. An installation of a 10GBE switch can increase high-bandwidth sharing to help teams edit and finish their creative content. The switch allows multiple users to access dense projects at the same time without slowing down the network.

With manual transfers through external hard drives or flash drives, one runs the risk of damage or corruption and must start all over. Post production workflow solutions prevent these catastrophes by offering integrated backup and storage for completed projects, giving editors peace of mind when completing the finishing touches on their masterpieces.

Shared storage is another solution to the video storage problem. Instead of editing one piece of the project and manually transferring it to the next point-person, which takes up space on multiple workstations, editors can access projects from a shared location. Files can be organized and shared for anyone to quickly access when they need them. This reduces down time that editors waste waiting on a piece of a project from another team member. Instead, they can access the updated project instantly, even in real-time.

Overall, these accessory solutions are helping both large and small video editing teams become more efficient in their system flow and faster in their end-product deliverables. With the way video is leaping into the future, tools like these are a necessity for computers to keep up. Businesses can either decide to upgrade all of their computers every two years, which is about the rate video quality is advancing, or integrate more cost-effective solutions to bring their computers up to speed with current video editing requirements.

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