NEW YORK, USA, August 18, 2018 / — Today, the token economy of the blockchain, represented by its various cryptocurrencies, is worth more than US$400 billion. The future has already arrived. Its speed of adoption is catching many of us and governments by surprise. The blockchain is nothing without its token economics, and it is this intertwined “technological-economic” mix that explains its rapid rise and adoption as a public infrastructure.

Coins and tokens have seen a surge in demand as investors look for the next big jackpot to put their investments in to fulfil another “bitcoin dream”. But among the thousands of coins and tokens, which one has the edge over the rest and stand out among the competition?
A new project by the name of World Future Community looks a very interesting bet.

The World Future Community aims to use blockchain technology to carry out projects that bring social and economic benefits worldwide. Its mission is to create urgency and to promote change at the most basic and structural level. One of the main purposes of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies is to benefit people by eliminating inflated costs of financial transactions from banks and other financial institutions. This not only give them monetary empowerment, it also increases fluidity in transactions.

All things said, World Future Community also plan to launch their own mobile online cryptocurrency exchange app in the future to further enhance their ability to engage the masses and bring about the social change they aim to achieve.

William Shaw
Alpha News
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