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WENZHOU, China, June 16, 2019 – XHVAL, over the years, has contributed to the improvement of material flow operations of different types of liquid and gas. The company continues to reach excellence in both sales and customer service. Not only does this help boost the numbers, but it helps in building a better identity. XHVAL has been number one in providing industrial valve needs, and they maintain both the supply and demand of their products to cater to clients across the globe.

The company believes that excellent customer service is one of the main ingredients in achieving success. Being oriented with their customers makes them better able to provide what they really need. This is a great opportunity for the customer support team to be engaged in communicating with the clients to give them a better view of their valve needs. Most clients prefer one-on-one consultation to be more knowledgeable about the type of valve they are supposed to buy.

“XHVAL repays the trust of customers with excellent customer service. It’s not just about closing a deal, after all. It’s all about XHVAL's capability to ensure that clients are equipped with the best industrial valves suitable for their structure’s needs. The company conducts a consultation prior to sales and purchasing to make sure that they are well-acquainted in terms of how it works, how it should be maintained, and what application it best suits. With XHVAL industrial valves, a difference will be made,” Patrisha Mei Barro, subject matter expert at XHVAL, shares.

The goal of XHVAL is to create an extraordinary experience for the clients they cater to — not just with the products they offer but with the way they aim to provide a long-term solution to applications XHVAL caters to. The company believes that being well-oriented with people will give them an edge with the other distributors and make the company stand out. Consultations prior to purchasing is a big help for clients especially when they have the basic knowledge about the different types of valves. That is their inspiration for building a more improved flow of operations in every industrial building.


XHVAL has been a leading global distributor based in Zhejiang Province, China since 1986. The company sells a variety of industrial valves, with over 160 models to choose from. They have been API certified for over 15 years and still continue to design, introduce and produce quality-based products aligned to the needs of the clients. They have established machines, which are products of advanced technology, to introduce better processes of production.

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